Nutritional Considerations for Team Sport Athletes

What are the foods team-sport athletes REALLY need? How does such athlete calculate their carbohydrate requirements? What’s the deal with supplements? Find out below.

Estimated read time: 20mins

Topics covered:

  • Macro-Nutrient requirements
  • Shopping list on a budget
  • Quality of food sources
  • Carbohydrate timings
  • Post workout (PWO) recommendations
  • Hunger dictating feeding
  • Essential supplements
  • Fad supplements

Participating experts: Adam Hope (StrengthTable) (AH (ST)), Ben Coker (StrengthTable) (BC (ST)), Ben Coomber (BC), Alexander Ferentinos (AF), Martin MacDonald (MM)

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About Elite Kinetics
Ben Coker CSCS & Jamie Bolton UKSCA. Elite Kinetics Strength Training Systems offers a no BS approach to strength training and athletic development. Our moto: 'Train hard. Train smart. BE Strong', is applied to elite-level peformance athletes right through to your recreational warrior wanting abnormal, outstanding results in all areas - bigger, stronger, faster.

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