Online Coaching

You want to be more awesome? You want to be bigger, stronger and faster? You want to be better than the rest? We want you to be too.
Welcome to Elite Kinetics Online Coaching.
Forget ‘cookie cutter’, ‘run of the mill’ strength and conditioning programmes, here at Elite Kinetics we are committed to developing the best out of everyone we train and that means we only offer programmes that are specifically tailored to you. 
After an initial extensive questionnaire, we can offer you tailored month-to-month personalised training and nutrition. This questionnaire provides us with knowledge of your training history, your current training status and diet as well as your desired goals and access to training equipment. From this we can ensure that the programme is perfectly suited to you; exercises that are specifically picked to get the best out of you based on the facilities you have at your disposal.
We could go and spout off about how our ‘Get Freaky Now’ programme will triple your bench in 2 weeks, quadruple your squat in a month, and quintuple your deadlift in a day. But at Elite Kinetics we cut the bullshit. We’re good. We’ll get you results. 100% guaranteed. But first you’ve got to be prepared to fight for them yourself. You get out exactly what you put in. We’ll keep our side of the bargain. It’s up to you to keep yours.
What we can offer:
  • Personalised programming for your training needs, based around you and the facilities at your disposal.
  • Dietary consultation to fine-tune your nutrition to optimise your body for your goals.
  • Around-the-clock email access direct to Elite Kinetics Head of Strength & Conditioning, Ben Coker.

With constant e-mail support, we’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments to your programme as you progress forwards to ensure continued results.

Price Range

At Elite Kinetics, we can’t offer fixed prices. Why? Because that just assumes that everyone is the same. When they aren’t.

Every person needs something slightly different, more help here, less there. Slightly different backgroungs. Slightly different goals.

So what do we offer? A bespoke tailored service that is specifically designed for you.

We know you need something though, so to give you an idea, prices range from £40- £70 per month, after initial consultation. If you train 4 times per week, that’s from as little as £2.50 per session, for customised training, not to mention the diet which serves you the other 23 hours of the day (how much is that personal trainer per hour again?).

Make the best investment you can – in yourself.

Like what you hear? Want more?

Drop a line to Ben Coker CSCS, Head of Strength & Conditioning to get started now:

Train hard. Train smart. Be strong.


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